I use a combination of counselling, crystal healing, creative visualization and, occasionally, bodywork to restore correct balance and optimum energy, working to free outworn patterns and influences and achieve greater potential in life. I witness and assist my patients in their healing process, honouring the harmonious continuum of body, mind and spirit with the Universe and the unique contribution each individual makes to the rich pattern of life. My experience has lead me to emphasise the exploration both of the root causes of disease, expressed differently in each of us, and the holistic philosophy of healing through balance.

An associate of College of Healing, I have also trained in Dreamwork, Transpersonal Psychology, Counselling, Shiatsu, Living Food and Nutrition, Anatomy, Physiology and Massage. I have been a Healer within the White Eagle Lodge for many years. I studied crystal healing with Stephanie Harrison, who is Principal of The International College of Crystal Healing. I am the author of two books, Healing with Crystals  (1997) and Crystals for Life (2000), both published by New Leaf, Gill & Macmillan. I qualified as a Master Medical Herbalist in 2009.

Crystals have long been recognised for their unique healing properties. Their regular atomic structure enables them to reorganise light and other forms of radiation. Their pure light and radiant colour frequencies can positively affect our own atomic make-up and subtle energies. Different crystal energies can be used to heal, unblock and revitalise body, mind and soul in combination with visualisation meditations. Crystals are also very helpful during counselling sessions, easing painful emotions and facilitating integration.

In a typical crystal healing session, crystals and gemstones are laid on and around the body in different combinations suitable to individual needs and conditions. The crystals work in co-operation with the patient’s energy system and vital centres, strengthening and balancing physical and subtle energies. The therapy is deeply relaxing, pleasant and painless.

Counselling and Creative Visualisation may be used to help to identify and process unwanted influences and to free old patterns. I have particular experience in assisting the healing of the wounded Inner Child.

Crystal Therapy is for anyone who would like to feel more vital and energetic, in touch with their own essence and with a greater sense of meaning. Crystals are helpful in treating fatigue and immune deficiency illnesses and for reducing symptoms of stress. They can also ease the symptoms of a wide range of physical conditions from arthritis to migraine by restoring overall balance.


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